These two courses are your ticket to more money in less time!
You will learn the elite way to produce hand made mega volume fans with the famous flower bouquet technique. This elite way of fan making is fast and efficient and can even help boost your retention!
You'll also learn all of my secrets to excellent long-lasting retention! Have your clients coming back every three weeks with a full set still intact!

"A fill appointment is only supposed to be a maintenance appointment on an existing full set, never a full reconstruction."

- LashGuyPro

Meet your instructor!

My name is Chris and I'm the creator of LashGuyPro Academy! I have been in the lash industry for 7 years. In 2021 I discovered my passion for helping others succeed! The lash industry changed my life in a profound way and now I'm here to share my secrets to success!

This bundle will help you extend your retention, hold on to clients longer, and make amazing mega volume fans in a fast and efficient way!

I can't wait for you to start seeing the rewards of your hard work!