Meet Chris Carr, the lash guru who turned his passion into a thriving career. With a journey that began in 2017, Chris's expertise in the lash industry quickly flourished. Starting at a popular chain lash salon, he honed his skills before catching the eye of one of the world's biggest lash brands. But Chris's ambition didn't stop there – he knew it was time to put his unique stamp on the lash world.

Now, as the mastermind behind his own lash empire, Chris is living his dream, and he wants to help you achieve yours too. What he loves most about being a lash artist is the endless potential for creativity and growth. The lash industry offers countless avenues to explore, allowing you to shape your career exactly the way you want.

Beyond lashes, Chris has a fun-loving side. When he's not crafting stunning lash art, you can find him hitting the gym, traveling the world with his loving partner Chase, diving into a video game, or enjoying precious moments with his two playful Goldendoodles, Sandy and Dusty.

But there's more to Chris than just lash magic and fun hobbies. He's driven by a profound desire to see others succeed. The lash industry changed his life, and now he's committed to giving back. Quality education is his weapon of choice, and his training programs reflect real-world experience, common sense, and undeniable facts – all designed to empower you on your lash journey.

And here's a heartwarming twist: Chris's love for the beauty world runs in the family. Growing up, his mom spent 25 years as a hairstylist, and her salon became his sanctuary – a place where he felt safe and inspired.

Join Chris on an extraordinary lash adventure, where creativity knows no bounds, and success awaits those who dare to dream big. The perfect blend of experience, passion, and genuine care awaits you at every turn. Get ready to transform your lash game and elevate your artistry with the lash magician himself!